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Monday, 22 April 2013

Have Royal Mail gone totally mad - Prices are disgusting and they will go bust!

royal mail prices

I cannot believe the extortionate prices Royal Mail have instigated in there last price structure, I just went to post a simple transistor radio and was quoted over £12.00. How can they justify these prices. the package wasn't even large. I did not post it with them but sent it by courier for £4.99. I hope there is someone out there who can take over Royal Mail and sort the mess out that the current so called business strategy gurus have totally messed up. I know it is a difficult market to make profits in but pricing your customers away will not save your business it will destroy it. There are millions each year who sell thing online such as ebay etc and you should be cashing in on that market, and not ignoring it. I also posted 2 items recently exactly the same items and it was cheaper to America than it was to London just shows how messed up Royal Mail really is.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Boathouse Ellesmere opening in the evenings Take a Look!

The Boathouse Ellesmere Shropshire


The Boathouse is gearing up to open in the evenings for early evening  suppers and a la carte dining from the 10th May.

Dates for your diary already are:
To launch live music here at the Boathouse we are delighted to have 2 Rats In A Hat on Saturday 11 May. They have a great repertoire of swing music, ranging from Ratpack classics through to Michael Buble. Those who wish to dine beforehand from 7pm are advised to book for this event if you wish to eat.

On Saturday 18 May we welcome back Tribeca, the sensational jazz group who played here at Christmas. They have  now expanded to a 4 piece with the addition of tenor sax. Again we suggest you book to avoid disappointment. A night  not to miss.

We look forward to welcoming you here at the Boathouse soon,

The Boathouse team
Tel. 01691 623852

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher First UK Female Prime Minister Dies at 87 yrs old

The United Kingdoms first female Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher has sadly died at the age of 87, she was Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 leading the Conservative Party. She was known as the Iron Lady for her sometimes contraversial policies which later was described as Thatcherism. Wether you loved her or hated her for her time in office she certainly made an impact on running the country and made some very good changes and some that would perhaps been seen as contraversial.
When the Faulkland Islands were invaded by Argentina she was a very strong leader and was steadfast in winning the Islands Back sending a Task force to regain the Islands.
Baroness Thatchers downfall was the poll tax which caused massive protests in a time when the Country could not take the radical changes she was implementing, and subsequently she resigned as Prime Minister in November 1990.
I think she will be remembered in History more for the good things she did than the bad and nothing can take away the fact that she was a strong Prime Minister who was not swayed by opinions but was determined to try and do the best she could for the United Kingdom.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Winner of The Grand National 2013

The Winner of The Grand National 2013 is Auroras Encore at 66-1 what a great race even though I didn't win :(  Sue and Harvey Smith the owners did a great job with all there staff in preparing this Great race horse Auroras Encore and well done to Ryan what a great ride.

Grand National 2013 Aintree Racecourse

The Grand National 2013

Runners and current odds

Imperial Commander
IRE | Number 1 | Age 12

What A Friend
GB | Number 2 | Age 10

Weird Al
IRE | Number 3 | Age 10

Quel Esprit
FR | Number 4 | Age 9

Big Fella Thanks
GB | Number 5 | Age 11

IRE | Number 6 | Age 10

Roberto Goldback
IRE | Number 7 | Age 11

IRE | Number 8 | Age 10

IRE | Number 9 | Age 12

IRE | Number 10 | Age 9

Across The Bay
IRE | Number 11 | Age 9

Join Together
IRE | Number 12 | Age 8

Colbert Station
IRE | Number 13 | Age 9

IRE | Number 14 | Age 11

On His Own
IRE | Number 15 | Age 9

IRE | Number 16 | Age 10

Balthazar King
IRE | Number 17 | Age 9

Cappa Bleu
IRE | Number 18 | Age 11

Oscar Time
IRE | Number 19 | Age 12

Always Waining
IRE | Number 20 | Age 12

FR | Number 21 | Age 9

GB | Number 22 | Age 12

Lost Glory
NZ | Number 23 | Age 8

Swing Bill
FR | Number 24 | Age 12

Saint Are
FR | Number 25 | Age 7

Chicago Grey
IRE | Number 26 | Age 10

Quiscover Fontaine
FR | Number 27 | Age 9

Rare Bob
IRE | Number 28 | Age 11

The Rainbow Hunter
GB | Number 29 | Age 9

IRE | Number 30 | Age 10

Harry The Viking
GB | Number 31 | Age 8

Mr Moonshine
IRE | Number 32 | Age 9

Mumbles Head
IRE | Number 33 | Age 12

Ninetieth Minute
IRE | Number 34 | Age 10

Auroras Encore
IRE | Number 35 | Age 11

FR | Number 36 | Age 10

Any Currency
GB | Number 37 | Age 10

Major Malarkey
IRE | Number 38 | Age 10

GB | Number 39 | Age 8

Viking Blond
FR | Number 40 | Age 8

NZ | Reserve 1 | Age 10

Mortimers Cross
FR | Reserve 2 | Age 12

There have been many changes this year to the safety of the Grand national course in a positive effort to increase safety to the horses and riders.

My predictions for the race are SeaBass, Sunnyhillboy and Lost Glory. (but hey what do I know)

If your having a bet on the Grand National Good Luck

Beautiful Morning in Ellesmere Shropshire for photography - D K Ellis Shropshire Web Design

It was such a nice morning in Ellesmere Shropshire I thought I would pick up my camera and take a few photos and get some fresh air with the sun shining especially after all the cold weather we have had lately, below are some of the photos I took of Ellesmere Mere, St Mary's Church, The Wharf and More.

Across Ellesmere Mere early morning April 2013
The Mere Ellesmere with St Mary's Church
Ellesmere Shropshire Mere
St Mary's Church Ellesmere Shropshire
Ellesmere Mere Front
Looking across The Mere in Ellesmere
The Sun is Rising over Ellesmere Mere
Day Break in Ellesmere Shropshire
The Wharf Ellesmere Shropshire
Plan of The Mere Ellesmere Shropshire
Tourist Information Guide for Ellesmere Mere
Tesco Ellesmere Shropshire
A bright sunny morning at Ellesmere Shropshire Wharf

Friday, 5 April 2013

J C Dyke Supplies DIY, Gardening and Building products Ellesmere Shropshire


J C Dyke Supplies has been in business for over twenty years, supplying building and D.I.Y customers in the English/Welsh border towns, Shropshire and the West Midlands with all their DIY and building requirements.
We are a family run business and have stores at Oswestry and Ellesmere in Shropshire
Over the years we have built up a fantastic reputation in both trade and retail communities and our customers rely on us for quality and competitively priced building and DIY products and excellent service.
What do we offer? Choose from our extensive range of doors and windows. Our joinery service can supply you with tailor made joinery products from stairs, windows and doors to made to measure conservatories and bedroom and office furniture. Full barn conversion joinery projects are also undertaken. Discuss your kitchen ideas with us and we will plan and advise you on the best kitchen that will work for you. Choose your style from hundreds of possibilities and let us install your dream kitchen. If you need help with storage solutions for your office we offer a free planning service and will deliver and fit. We also have a huge range of decking and patio products and outdoor furniture. Whatever your DIY or Building needs J C Dyke can help.

J C Dyke Supplies Ltd Ellesmere

Rennet Works
Market Street
SY12 0AN

Opening Hours:
Weekday 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am - 4.00pm.
Sunday 10.00am - 1.00pm.

Tel: 01691 624085

J C Dyke Supplies Ltd Oswestry

Maesbury Road Industrial Estate
Maes Y Clawdd
SY10 8NN

Opening Hours:
Weekday 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday 8.00am - 3.30pm
Sunday 10.00am - 1.00pm

Tel: 01691 670314
Fax: 01691 659883

Visit Website: J C Dyke Supplies

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pink Skips Telford gone bust HELP NEEDED !!

Help needed to Replace Pink Skips who served me well and I am sorry to see them go!
Since Pink Skips went bust in Telford I am struggling to find a replacement Company to collect my Eurobin in Ellesmere Shropshire. I am being quoted silly figures that are just not viable. I know the cost of disposal of rubbish has increased but the quotes i am recieving are nearly double what I was paying before. The reply I am getting is "well thats why Pink Skips went bust" . Surely the costs can't be that much more and my worry is there are going to be large amounts of Commercial waste that businesses just can't afford to dispose of. Or is it the other Company's are trying to cash in on Pink Skips unfortunate end. If anyone knows of a reputable Company that covers the Ellesmere Shropshire area I would be Grateful to know. please contact me on 01691 623897 my eurobin was collected once a month being a small business. Thank You.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Warmer weather on its way for Shoppers in Ellesmere Shropshire?

Well now the clocks have changed and easter is over! surely now we are due some better weather to kick start the Spring and then hopefully a glorious summer. I am sure anyone who has a business or service in and around Ellesmere has been patiantly waiting for better weather as I am sure business has been down now for most trading in this bad weather period. I think its definatly time for the Spring cleaning and to prepare for a better trading period to get everyone back on track! I wish everyone well for the Spring and Summer and hopefully back to some sort of normality on a day to day basis as we all try to do our bit in providing great services around Ellesmere Shropshire.