Ellesmere Shropshire

Ellesmere Shropshire
Beautiful Market Town

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Unbelievable easter Saturday

I could not believe it, everywhere locally had sold out of easter eggs by 2.00pm on Saturday afternoon, after working all week I thought I would have plenty of time saturday afternoon to buy the few easter eggs I needed "wrong" ! I searched high and low and travelled miles just to try and find a few Easter eggs. I tried Tesco in Ellesmere no joy co-op, spar, then onto Stans in St Martins all sold out. I then went to Morrisons in Oswestry which I had to pay £1.00 to park to be told sold out! I then tried Aldi no eggs! moving onto Sainsbury's all sold out, I asked a shop assistant why is everyone sold out completely of easter eggs by Saturday afternoon? the reply was well we have only got 5 more trading hours to go so we wouldn't stock too many! I could not believe that management of large supermarkets would get there figures so wrong how many eggs could they have sold in 5 hours! especially as no one else had any probably hundreds. I then moved onto Chirk Co-Op nearly had some luck I managed to get 4 gold chocolate bunny's with bells on so pressure was off slightly. I trid Gobowen no joy there, I could not believe it I knew I was going to be heading into Wrexham as my only hope. I went through Ruabon and stopped at the Co-Op there and to my suprise there were just a few by the entrance boxes a little battered but hey at this point I was grateful for anything. I really could not believe it so in future I will not make the same mistake and buy my eggs early I realise it was my fault for leaving it till Saturday but I wonder how many businesses lost so many sales that day and did they realise how much money they were making people spend trying to find an easter egg for there loved ones. Happy Easter everyone.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Historical photos of Ellesmere Railway station Shropshire

Ellesmere Shropshire Railway which linked Whitchurch and Wrexham by Rail
Ellesmere Shropshire Railway Station
Ellesmere Shropshire station with train going past platform
Ellesmere Shropshire Railway Station before closure

Friday, 15 March 2013

Ellesmere Lakelands School dress up for red nose Day

Pupils and School teachers all do there bit to help raise money for red nose day, If you would like to make a donation to the Do something Funny for Money charity raising campaign this year visit the official website below.

Lakelands School Teacher Ghostbusting to raise money
Official Website  http://www.rednoseday.com/

Friday, 8 March 2013

Do you want to learn to play guitar

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Shropshire Oak Porches Oak and Redwood door Porches

Shropshire Oak Porches

Traditional hand crafted Oak porches and door canopies, also bespoke door canopy designs.

Quality craftmanship of locally sourced Oak, handmade in our Lakeside workshops.

Visit website http://www.frontdoorcanopy.co.uk

Ellesmere Shropshire old historic photos High street and Scotland Street

Some old photos of Ellesmere Shropshire

Ellesmere Shropshire High Street lovely old photo
Scotland Street Ellesmere Shropshire It hasn't changed much only yellow lines and parking tickets !
Scotland Street Ellesmere Shropshire look at the Black Lion canopy over the doorway do you remember this?
Cross Street Ellesmere approx 1915
Lovely old pictures of Ellesmere if you have any old photos you would like me to put on the blog please send them to designer@shropwebdesign.co.uk or if you need me to scan them for you Tel Dave on 01691 623897