Ellesmere Shropshire

Ellesmere Shropshire
Beautiful Market Town

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Olympic torch passes through Oswestry Shropshire

The Olympic torch passes through Oswestry in Shropshire on day 12 of its journey around the UK, starting in Chester it passes through Shropshire with relay runners going through Oswestry, Pant, and Llanymynech before then making its way into Wales and Welshpool.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Ellesmere New and Used Centre Bargains Galore

The Ellesmere New and Used centre sells items ranging from small items such as cd's, ornaments, playstation games, x-box games, audio leads and connectors - to larger items such as household furniture, fridges, freezers, 3 piece suites, bedroom furniture, musical instruments, motorcycle equipment, hi-fi and tools. We will stock any item that fits into our shop, our stock is changing on a daily basis so it is worth calling in you may just get yourself a great bargain.

The Ellesmere New and Used centre buys items for cash, you will see in our shop our items are priced at low prices, so if you need top prices for your items then we probably wouldn't be able to help and wouldn't want to waste your time, but if you have any unwanted items that are too good to throw away and may be of use to somebody else we may be able to turn those items into cash for you.
Any cd or computer game must be in good condition as we will not sell scratched or damaged discs, any electrical items must be in a safe and working condition as they go through our vigorous safety check procedure.
Furniture must be in a usable condition, for example 3 piece suites are not worth selling if they are ripped, and we can't sell 3 legged chairs!

Ellesmere New and Used Centre provide a house clearance service in the Shropshire area, we are professional and discreet and always leave any clearance clean and tidy, we will Hoover if required mop and dust off the window sills before leaving the premises.
Ellesmere New and Used Centre also provide a Part clearances service, garage and shed clearances.

Van and Man for Hire
 in Ellesmere Shropshire

Visit our Website: ellesmere-secondhand.co.uk
Tel: 01691 623897 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Journey to work in Ellesmere Shropshire on a beautiful morning

On my way to work in Ellesmere this morning I was lucky enough to have my camera at hand, it was such a beautiful morning I decided to enjoy it and take a few photos on my way.

I first stopped at Whittington Castle where the morning sunlight was really strong giving some superb light and shadows.

 Whittington Castle welcome sign

The sun just coming up on Whittington castle
unusual to get a photo with no cars or people
even the swans were still sleeping!
Whittington Church

I carried on to Ellesmere and parked as usual on the Ellesmere business carpark i decided to take a walk along the canal to the Blackwater meadow marina and took some photos on the way.

The wharf and the famous old loading crane

Shropshire Union canal building

Moored up Narrowboat

Beautiful place for Narrowboats to moor up

Canal junction for Llangollen

Llangollen canal junction at Ellesmere with waterways yard

The Blackwater meadow marina

The Blackwater meadow marina Ellesmere Shropshire

Artistic resting bench with words "Narrowboats loaded with tons of limestone, coal, milk and cheese. Duchess Countess Jupitor move slowly on the way to Whitchurch" inlaid into the seat.

 Ellesmere Shropshire white canal footbridge

What a great place to wake up from your Narrowboat

2 very different cranes in the same photo

Shropshire union canal building and loading crane

Ellesmere Shropshire market hall entrance built in 1879

That concludes my journey into work, I hope you enjoy the selection of photos of Whittington castle and The canal at Ellesmere Shropshire.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sunny morning in Ellesmere Shropshire 2012

The beginning of May and the sun finally starts to shine over Ellesmere, The canal barges and the people on them will wake to see glorious sunshine allowing them to enjoy all the beautiful places to visit in the town. The building work continues to improve the wharf with added housing and amenity's.

The wharf has changed allot over the years, some say for the better some say for the worst but one thing is for sure when you see the barges moored up and the sun reflecting on the water it always gives a sense of peacefulness.

The working crane towers over the wharf in glorious sunshine.