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Friday, 26 November 2010

Ellesmere Shropshire Christmas Tree Lights switched on.

Ellesmere had its first scattering of Snow today which set Ellesmer up for the Christmas tree lights being turned on, the town had a really good turn out with plenty of entertainment around the town, late night opening started the Christmas shopping for 2010 and there was plenty of bargains to be had around the town with some great Christmas special offers. The canal, indoor market hall and town centre was a hive of activity with good spirit from all,. Newdell Computer Solutions held a free lan gaming evening to entertain the young gamers, who really enjoyed their evening playing the shoot em up game far cry 2.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Ellesmere prepares for Father Christmas Late night shopping and entertainment

Ellesmere prepares for Father Christmas to arrive on Friday evening by Narrowboat, a fun time will be had by all, late night opening for the shops an ice rink and entertainment for the children, the lighting of the Christmas tree, plenty of stalls a fair and Donkey rides. The town should be a hive of activity why not try a little Lan Gaming at Newdell Computer Solutions in the town square, a great shoot em up on 16 computer terminals, also shown on the big screen, light refreshments also available, last year all terminals were played on and everybody had a great time call in and join the fun. Regular gaming every Wednesday and Friday evening. see website for details www.newdellcomputers.com

Monday, 22 November 2010

Property to let in Ellesmere Shropshire

Landlords and Estate Agents

If you have a property to let in Ellesmere Shropshire why not advertise it on The Ellesmere blog, Private or Commercial property, Shops flats or houses.

Simply email designer@shropwebdesign.co.uk  with the details a photo and a contact number

Your property will be advertised over the internet within 24 hrs and be viewed by relevant local people.

Your listing will be included free of charge for all to see. When your property is let simply email to let me know and your listing will be removed from The Ellesmere Shropshire Blog.

Also see local Estate Agents

Bowen Son and Watson Estate Agents  - visit website http://www.bowensonandwatson.co.uk/

Halls Estate Agents - visit website http://www.hallsestateagents.co.uk/

Ellesmere Shropshire Heronwatch welcome volunteers

Heronwatch at The Mere Ellesmere Shropshire

Heronwatch is a unique project to help visitors learn about the breeding herons on Moscow Island at The Mere, Ellesmere Shropshire. The birds first nested on the island about forty years ago and each year they return to the Heronry and take up their nest sites, high up in the trees.

Thanks to funding from Big and Heritage Lottery through The Mere Heritage Restoration Project we now have powerful video cameras on Moscow Island which send live close-up images of the Herons to screens inside the Boathouse Visitor Centre. Visitors can use the hand controls to zoom in and out onto the nests and baby chicks.

The new cameras are proving a tremendous success with visitors and volunteers alike. The nest sites are being filmed 24 hours a day, enabling us to watch the bird activity in great detail.

Heronwatch Volunteers will be on hand inside the Visitor Centre most days in the spring and early summer to talk to visitors about these remarkable birds and explain behaviour such as ‘snap displays’ and ‘stretch’ displays. Did you know for example that a heron's legs turn from pink to orange during courtship?!

Why not come along to The Boathouse Visitor Centre to see the developing chicks!

Breeding Herons at The Mere

The Mere Herons usually start re-appearing in early January. During the winter months the Herons probably migrate to the coast or Dee Estuary where conditions remain unfrozen for feeding on fish, eels, frogs and evens small birds.

The male looks for a nest site high in the tree tops on Moscow Island which he defends by straightening his neck, fluffing out his feathers, snapping his beak. He calls through the day and night to attract a mate, and when one comes close stretches his beak skyward, arches his head over his back, clapping his bill.

The female builds a nest several feet across with twigs and branches bought to her by the male. She lays up to five bright blue eggs and the chicks are born covered in long dark down with bristles on top of their head. The parents both take it in turns to look after the noisy chicks which beg constantly for food! The Heron chicks leave the nest after about seven weeks.

The following diary records some of the key Heronwatch events during 2010!

Heron Diary 2010

January The cold spell delays the return of the Herons to Moscow Island until very late in the month.

February Herons beginning inspecting nest sites. Birds starting to pair-up and display courtship behaviour. Nest building activity commences.

March 3rd First egg observed in Nest 1, 12:10 hrs

March 7th Second egg observed Nest 1, 02:50 hrs

March 9th Third Egg observed Nest 1, 12:59 hrs

March 10th First egg observed in Nest 2, 21:15 hrs

March 12th Second egg recorded in Nest 2 (time unknown)

March 15th Third egg observed in Nest 2, 01:02 hrs

March 30th First chick hatched in Nest 1, 06:47 hrs

April 2nd Second chick hatched in Nest 1, 06:18

April 3rd Third Chick hatched in Nest 1 (unknown time),

April 6th First Chick hatched in Nest 2, 23:22 hrs

April 7th Second Chick hatched in Nest 2 (time unknown)

April 9th Third Chick observed in Nest 2 (time unknown)

Why not become a Heronwatch Volunteer?

The heart of Heronwatch is a friendly team of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers who talk to visitors about the herons and monitor the nest sites and bird activity. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to be a volunteer, just an interest in wildlife and enjoy talking to people! There are no set hours, you can sign up for as little as a few hours to a few days over the Heronwatch period, whatever suits you.

If you would like to discuss becoming a volunteer please contact The Mere Community Development Officer on 01691 624301

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ellesmere Food and Drinks Festival 2011

Ellesmere will be holding it's food and drink festival over the weekend of 18th and 19th of June 2011, this coincides with Fathers Day enabling families to come together and enjoy the food, drink and events in and around the Ellesmere area. A not-for-profit food and drink festival.
The Festival is in the Town at the Market Hall and the Town Hall and is open from 10am until 4pm both days.

Also, there is the chance to take a steamboat trip or hire a rowing boat to go around the Mere. The steamboat is the first environmentally friendly steamboat in Shropshire, it runs purely on bio fuel that is made from recycled vegetable oil and can go on any waterway in Shropshire.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist during the weekend or even with the organising, if you feel that you like to get involved somehow please feel free to contact and let us know in what capacity.

Visit Website  www.ellesmerefoodfestival.co.uk  for details

The Signtists Vehicle Signing Specialists Ellesmere Shropshire

The Signtists

The Signtists based in Scotland Street Ellesmere The vehicle signing specialists for all your sign requirements.

At The Signtists we know that when it comes to spending on advertising you will want your £'s to stretch as far as possible, so why not make full use of your most potent forms of advertising – your buildings and vehicles.
Your signs are the most cost effective, value-for-money advertising methods out there.
We understand that whatever business you are in, the key principles of marketing communication remain. People interested in your products and services may not see your vehicle for long and they will almost certainly not have the means to write anything readily to hand.
We will help you with crystal clear vinyl signs for your business that are both memorable and concise.
What makes The Signtists distinctive among other vinyl signage companies is that everything is done in-house, including the design, printing and fitting from our premises in Ellesmere, Shropshire. We produce either temporary or permanent signs for trucks, vans, cars or shop fronts and we guarantee that our vinyl words and sentences will not shrink, fade, flake or peel and can be directly applied to all non-porous surfaces.
The possibilities for Vinyl graphics is limited only by your imagination.
Tel 01691 622990

Visit Website www.thesigntists.co.uk

B2B Networking in North Shropshire

What is B to B About?

Networking for like minded people
It is unlike other networking organisations as it is unique in the fact that it is a NOT FOR PROFIT enterprise.

It is designed solely to maximise business development for you.

It provides your company with a structured environment for this development and exchange of quality business referrals.

Allows only one member per profession.

If you’re business minded this would be the networking group for you.

We meet every two weeks. For these dates please click on the calendar. Please be aware that if the business category is filled you will not be able to attend as we only allow one member per profession.
These networking groups are held at athmospheric venues, and with friendly members that work together to build business. So... whatever the size of your company whether you’re a large corporate company or a SME we would like to ask you to come and visit us soon. Remember to bring plenty of business cards and £6 for your breakfast.

Morning meetings are 7:00am until 8:30am.
We are not out to make a profit from creating a networking franchise so any surplus we do make is ploughed back into the group. Do take the time to browse our website where you will find more information on the groups, its members and its ethos.
Why not give it a try?

You are invited to our next business meeting. Join us to see what's it all about. Book your place now:


0844 88 454 09

Next meeting Wed 1st December. Visitors are welcome - Call Lincoln on 0844 88 454 09 to book in

Great instrumental music for Christmas Parties


If you are planning a fun get-together with friends and family for the holidays,  Christmas party instrumental music can be great fun to help ensure that everyone has a happy time at your party.  After all, with every other celebration being held this time of year, you want yours to be memorable.  Perhaps you are looking to start a tradition of hosting a party every holiday season, and if you want your guests to return year after year, you must make sure this first year goes just right. Having a good sing along to your favourite music gets everybody involved from the youngsters singing there favourite pop songs to grandma or older members of the family having a good old sing along.

Great quality backing tracks  pop music, country music, Rock music, to classics and oldies

Simply download your favourite mp3 backing tracks

Have an enjoyable Christmas Party this year and a happy New Year!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Ellesmere Proms in the Park - Celebrating the life of Eglantyne Jebb

Raising Funds for Save the Children

To celebrate the life of Eglantyne Jebb, the town of Ellesmere is holding a concert in Cremorne Gardens alongside the Mere on Saturday, September 17, 2011.
3,000 people will have the opportunity to bring their picnics to the park, enjoy an evening with the British Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performing, once again, a mixture of light classical music, themes from films and TV shows, selections from musical theatre, light opera, a 'Proms' section and finishing with a grand musical firework finale over the beautiful setting of the Mere.
This will be a 'ticket only' event with all children, up to the age of 12 years old, being allowed in free and with all the profit given equally to the Save the Children Fund (50%) and to local children’s charities/organisations in Shropshire & North Wales (50%).

Zoe Day says I did a live interview asking for sponsorship on the Radio Shropshire Drivetime Show last Friday at 5.50pm!!! They are helping me this year which is great and l am doing an interview with the Border Counties Advertiser in a couple of weeks.
If l get where l need to be, with regard to sponsorship, by the end of February – Owen Patterson has agree to launch the promotions with a “photo shoot” launch (wearing Save the Children T-shirts, with balloons etc), with me and the Platinum Sponsor – this will include all press, radio and TV (as he is so high profile now, being the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland)!
Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cremorne Gardens, Ellesmere, Shropshire

The British Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and guests will be performing, again, a mixture of light classical music, themes from films and TV shows, selections from musical theatre, a "Proms" section and finishing with a grand musical firework finale over the Mere.
All profits raised will go to the Save the Children Fund and to local children’s charities/organisations in Shropshire and North Wales
All children under 12 years old come to the picnic style concert for free with an accompanied full paying adult.

Website - EllesmerePromsinthePark  with information and links to Facebook

Tiggs Clothing Great Bargains for Christmas 2010

Welcome to Tiggs Clothing!

We operate throughout Wales and Southern England offering

great value clothing & homeware for all the family.

With all our branches conveniently located in your local high street
15% discount for students
10% off every Tuesday for O,A,Ps over 60
Also plenty of bargains to be had in store for everyone. 
Start filling your stockings this Christmas at Tiggs Clothing!
Tiggs Clothing Ltd
19 - 21 Cross St
SY12 0AW
01691 622444

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tips to save money with Sage Accounts - local Seminar

Tips to Save Time and Money with Accounts
Thursday 2nd December 2010 at 6pm
This seminar is designed to help users of the Sage accounting software range to understand some of the features and functionality of the program they are currently using and how this can help to save time and money. It will focus on how to make the tasks that are carried out on a day-to-day basis easier and how to ensure that data is healthy, spotting errors quickly before they cost you money.

☺ How to get different views of data in the program

☺ Customising screens to show the information you need

☺ Tailoring the information shown to suit your business

☺ Dealing with customer and supplier refunds

☺ Hints and tips for a successful bank reconciliation

☺ Importing data into Sage

☺ Making sure data is healthy using Check Data and Audit Assistant

☺ A chance to view the latest Sage Accounting Software

☺ Reminder about changing the VAT rates

☺ Question and answer session

Registration will be from 5.45 pm, refreshments upon arrival.
The seminar will start at 6pm and last approximately 1 hour.

There will be an information pack to accompany the seminar
Venue: Oswestry Cricket Club, Morda Road, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 2AY
Download Application Form HERE (word format) - Please complete in BLOCK LETTERS and return with your payment for £10.00 to:
Vital Support Consultancy Limited, 6 Salop Road, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 2NU

Telephone: 01691 684011 Fax: 01691 679449 Email : rhian@vitalsupportconsultancy.co.uk

Christmas Winter Festival - Late night Shopping - Lots of Fun!

Christmas events in Ellesmere Shropshire

Ellesmere is to get a festive Christmas outdoor ice rink
An ice rink is to add a touch of festive sparkle to Ellesmere Shropshire this Christmas. Ellesmere Chamber of Commerce has secured £2,000 sponsorship from Tesco to bring an outdoor rink to the town’s wharf on November 26.
Lincoln McMullan, chamber chairman, and owner of The Signtists in Scotland Street said the money would help schoolchildren to use the rink free of charge in the day, while others could pay to use it later on.
He added he was grateful to the supermarket for its support in making the event possible.
He said: “It’s all about putting Ellesmere on the map and attracting people to the town and its shops.
“The rink will be 10m by 10m so it can hold about 30 people at once, which means there should be hundreds of people exploring the town shops and enjoying the atmosphere.
The ice rink is set to form the centrepiece of the town’s winter festival.

There will also be donkey rides, late-night shopping, a snow machine and a visit from Father Christmas on the canal. Mr McMullan added the festival would also see the town’s Christmas lights switched on.
The rink will be on the town square, between the Tesco store on Canal Way and Ellesmere Wharf.
Pupils from a number of schools will be able to use it during the day, before it is opened up to the paying public in the evening.

Carpet Fitting in Ellesmere Shropshire

Carpet Fitter Shropshire

Professional carpet fitting service in Shropshire and surrounding areas established for 15 years providing a quality carpet fitting service for domestic and business flooring.
Massive Savings
Buying a carpet can be an expensive time, by using our carpet fitting expertise it gives you the opportunity to make great savings, by buying end of roll discounted carpets or negotiating a better price in store telling them you will supply a carpet fitter yourself, many stores advertise free carpet fitting but in reality all they have done is added the carpet fitting costs onto the carpet price. As a carpet fitter all work is priced by room we also provide a re-adaption carpet fitting service enabling you to perhaps utilise a large carpet from one room and make use of it in a smaller room.
we provide a full range of service from measuring and planning which will save you money on wastage to carpeting your lounge, hall stairs and landing, dining room, bathroom, office or other areas in your home or business.
Telephone Dave the carpet fitter on 01691 623897 or mobile 07854014627 anytime for a no obligation chat, we are competitively priced and aim to provide a quality carpet fitting service in Ellesmere, Oswestry, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Whitchurch and surrounding areas.

Fishing in Shropshire Angling at Ellesmere Mere

Available through Shropshire Council Outdoor Recreation Service

Angling is available at The Mere at Ellesmere

Day fishing permits can be purchased from The Boathouse, phone 01691 622981 for more information
day fishing permits cost £4.00 adults, £2.00 under 16

max 2 rods per person

no live bait

no keep nets

all fish must be returned

EA licence must be shown on request
Fishing is from one of six platforms in the Cremorne Gardens including some with wheelchair access
Fishing in the Shrewsbury Area

Shropshire Anglers Federation lease the rights to Shropshire Council waters in the Shrewsbury area

Day tickets and permits are available to the public, click on the link to their website at the bottom of this page for more information

For a map of fishing available to the public near Shrewsbury click on the attachment 'public fishing shrewsbury'

Shropshire Anglers' Federation was founded in 1921 and is responsible for about 3,000 permit holders who use waters local to Shrewsbury. The SAF is responsible for the enforcement of by-laws and the collection of revenues, through annual and day Permit sales through local tackle shops. Bank Permits are also available via any one of their six man Bailiff team.

Private Fisheries

Dearnford Trout Fishery

Tilstock Road



SY13 3JQ

Whitchurch 01948 665914

Dearnford Trout Fishery offers something for all kinds of anglers from seasoned veterans to the complete Novice. Stocked with Brown Trout the lake is naturally fed by pure spring water and covers 15 acres.
Tudor Griffiths gravel pits, near Ellesmere

please contact them for costs, available from Wood Lane depot - 01691 626262
Springlea Fishery

Plealey Road, Lea Cross, Shrewsbury 01743 860972

Tickets are payable on the bank.

For anglers with restricted mobility, cars can be brought right to the waters edge behind many of the pegs
For other places to fish around Shropshire try the 'go-fish' link and the link to British Waterways' waterscape website