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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Carnival row over council charges

A row has erupted between Shropshire Council chiefs and a carnival committee over claims organisers have been charged £500 for the clean-up operation after the event.
The council says it has not requested a fee, while the Ellesmere Carnival Committee claims it was informed about the charge, which has led to the event, due to be held at Cremorne Gardens in August, being cancelled.
The Ellesmere Carnival Committee, said both the committee and the Ellesmere Chamber of Commerce were informed by telephone that a charge of £300 for charity organisations and £500 for non-charitable organisations, such as the carnival, was going to be levied.

They said: “We will have to have another carnival meeting shortly to discuss any future carnivals, but if this ridiculous charging scheme goes through this has the very real probability of prohibiting any further carnivals taking place.”
Shropshire Council’s parks and countryside sites manager, said the authority had not requested any payment for the event.
“The Cremorne Gardens and promenade have recently been re-landscaped and improved through a £2 million project including Shropshire Council’s own contribution of £368,000. We need to make sure this investment is protected and that any damage or litter resulting from events is rectified as part of the event organisation.”

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Free Website Design for local business

Shropshire Web Design has come up with a strategy to enable your business to be online without the hundreds of pounds website design fees to get it there.

How does it work?

Shropshire web design has developed some basic templates in various colours for your business these templates have 3 Google ads and a search box on each page to enable us to offer this service for free.

The only cost is the normal monthly hosting fee of £10.00 per month which is standard for any website paid for or for free. (cost effective monthly advertising you could pay many times more for 1 newspaper advert)

Also a domain name if you do not already have on for example a .co.uk domain would be £9.99 for 2 years this will also give you a business email address.

All 3 pages will be fully search engine optimised for high rankings

All 3 pages will be site mapped for the search engines to find your website

The ten pounds per month is a management hosting fee which enables you to change content on any of the 3 pages at anytime by us for no extra cost.

How to get started?

Simply Telephone Shropshire Web Design on 01691 623897 or email designer@shropwebdesign.co.uk

The only thing we need is the content for each page text and images and within a very short time we will have your business on the internet where the search engines will scan each page and place them in there index for your customers to find easily.